Chris Brown - Pass Out

Chris Brown

Chris Brown
2005, Chris Brown
2007, Exclusive
2009, Graffiti
Переводы песен:
Falling Down
Тексты песен:
Famous Girl
I Can Tranform Ya
I'll Go
Lucky Me
Pass Out
Sing Like Me
So Cold
Take My Time
What I Do

Название песни: Pass Out
Автор слов: Chris Brown
Альбом: "Graffiti" (2009), трек 9
Продолжительность звучания: 3 мин 53 сек

[Eva Simmons]
Tu veux voler
Au bord du desir?
Je sais que tu me veux
Mais est-ce que tu merites mon amour?

[Chris Brown]
Hot passin hour in the club
I was trying to cut her up
I was sippin on
Tryin to find the missing link
You had a mission trying to vouge
Then I came right through the smoke
I was smoking hot
Catch my fever lets burn up the floor
I need to know, how to get into you
Baby im liking your butt
Oooo you got me stuck
So I can enter you
How I can flow my moves

Don't breathe
I want to take deep breath
Let your body feel it all night, from your body
It can charge you all up
Lets start a riot on the floor
Wait till you pass out
Wait till you pass out
Wait till you pass out
Wait till you pass out

L y r i c s . b y

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